Netherworld v2.0

If you’re reading this, I created this thread on my phone.


Everything that’s related to Pixel Worlds Nether will be revamped.

The world itself…

The world itself will be changed into a world, designed similar to PIXELMINES. There will be no more warping to Nether Portals instead, you will go to NETHERWORLD itself, where you will interact an NP and a UI will show up as big as Pixel Worlds Exchange UI or even bigger than that, maybe.


GUI will be divided into parts horizontally "’| | | '* if you know what I mean, it will be divided depending on how many difficulties there will be.


Adding many difficulties is optional. This is basically similar to Pixel Mines Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 but instead of numbers there will be multiple difficulties such as Easy, Hard, Intermediate, Abyss, and so and so forth.


The kind of monsters you will encounter will change everytime you go into a new difficulty which means every difficulty has its own kind of monsters.


        Elements will be optional too. Anyways, as you pick a difficulty, there will be a **Sub GUI** that will show up and let you pick which element of monsters would you like to fight.


     **Elemental Damage**
        As what I'm seeing lately, I feel like Elemental Damage in-game doesn't really matter at all and every elemental damage is OP and no weaknesses. So for this to actually work. Specific element should only deal damages to whatever element is its weakness. 

Example; Water deals more damage to Fire

And if an element is weak against that specific element then it should deal less damage. Otherwise it will deal no damage.

      **Basic Damage**

         Basic Damage will deal neutral damage to each and every element, no weaknesses and not strong against to any elements and will not be overpowered but *balanced*. However, the benefits of Elemental Damage is if that specific element is against to another element, as I said it will deal more damage.


         Resistance and Armor should be the same as Basic and Elemental Damage. Basic Armor/Resistance have neutral armor while Elemental Resistance/Armor is more defensive or rather weak than that specific element.

If you have others things to add up, please type it down below it will surely help, thanks!

P.S: This could be a better suggestion if there will be atleast a pixel art interpretation but I can’t make one.


I appreciate you made this topic with sacrifice but This actually got suggested before.
( New levels, mobs and world dynamic )

How will this implemented? Will red scrolls be useless? How can I enter the easy to impossible mode?

Rated 7.9/10. Overall good suggestion!

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I never knew, still here’s a new one.

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Agreed… (20characters)

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Don’t fret out. Your thread is with the forumers’ suggestions but combined!

You shouldve added details on how you will enter the levels and if there are new items and npcs…