Networth Discussion Thread - Third message from the bottom makes the app/browser crash when trying to view


I inspected the html of the page, it looks like the sender used multiple spoiler tags inside each other.

Holy, that took a long time to delete
Hopefully no one abuses this

Jezz… even on phone i can’t access it…

I wanted to reply to serxan and saying that his network was around 2.5m to 7m but as soon i wanted to reply my browser crashed.

Yeah i noticed the weird lag too on my pc so restarted it and went back to the same topic and lagged again, couldn’t figure out what was causing it though.

I checked it out and seems that the only way to access the thread is by sadly blocking @Dkoi_X_Dkoi
my browser don’t crash on the thread when i block him so…

Im using ios device and it made my phone restart itself!!! what the heck?

I regret clicking that

I guess this is what make the browers crash

The fact that the text was made to be big like 2 / 4 times…

@Dev Mind look at this please?

No, it was the spoiler tags

You mean that?

Yes, and everything inside that as well.

Times 3 :skull:
I wonder why he did that tho :thinking:

@Dkoi_X_Dkoi can you please delete your comment off my thread? I dont want the thread to go to waste

@Dkoi_X_Dkoi Ya only need one spoiler :wink:

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Oh wow, when looking at the edit history it doesn’t lag.
Also, it can easily be replicated by anyone and, while not making me crash, still caused a lot of lag.

Gargoyle just replicated it here…

And here is a long message to make people see this thread without crashing.




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