New account lost my old one

Its @Wafflelord but on a new account. Also im playing again. Nobody cares thats it bye

Also why is the economy so bad… Gems 600/250? 3 letters 60k each? 2 letter 500-1m??? Next thing you know 4 letters will be worth farming.



I was about to do a post asking are there actual players in this forum !?

Right now pricing is a complete mockery, insane is another description!

A very rich person or small group of individuals are spending hours on end with their PWE machine and carrying out blatant price manipulation.

Including false and escalating sales, false orders, and so on

I have pretty solid evidence that multiple listings are being used to lure buyers, trying to find that one person who will just pay up!
Some items are selling at prices they just should not. .

Wtf is going on.

Many prices are now 10x what they were in the spring ! I have loads of examples across a whole range of stuff

Now I’m also making a lot of visits to PWE machines buying and selling and becoming rich because if it

But the game is being ruined.

Dont buy traffic hats im fake rising them

(I’m joking by the way)

guys dont buy soil im fake rising it

(im gonna be so rich)

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it’s all because of the dupe and the way it is used to manipulate everything, there’s nothing the community can do about it

Nevermind found my password

It’s probably a group of people who have hoarded some items. Like green tuxedos