New alien update

So, my new suggestion for update is, Alien raid
Its like nether, but there are 10 people in 1 room with 5 live to each people
The waiting lobby (like in the blacktower) are inside a spaceship, that is going into the outer space
The destination are aliens base, which means players are raiding em for data sample
10 Player, 5 Live each, are fighting the 200+ aliens in the base
There are dropped point for every alien u kill, starting from 0.1 point to 2 point.
If the spaceship need minimum of 50 point, then we all should kill the aliens for the point needed
If you die, all of your point that you collect will drop in a bag, like the one after u kill from the PUBG game
No gears allowed. I mean, who would change their spacesuit to protection gear, wouldn’t you out of oxygen?
No wings allowed too, because you bring your oxygen tank behind
There are global billboard for most point collected from 1 match.
The billboard works as Fishing Tournament, the higher your rank, the better the reward is.
There is also no gravity during the alien raid.
The extra point from the spaceship point needed will be converted to 100 gems for every 0.1 point (Optional).
It’s a weekly/monthly event.
Suggestion is made by JoyClashPW

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the subforum #news:updates is for new items and featurs aded into the game, this is a suggestion so…

thread >
its a good suggestion somehow, but adding global billboard would be naughty (some ppl uses alts to reach #1)

there should be prizes, mobs prize drop and more to make this thread more intresting.

200 monsters is way too many

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that’s why there are 10 players with 5 life each

i see, i will check with my friend how could we upgrade it

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but how would 200 aliens even fit without looking messy

Pretty OP, killing an enemy could get you 200 gems. This better be good hard dungeon or it’s unbalanced.

200 gems 200 monsters what is this you can get 40k gems in 1 run way too op also u have 5 lives?