New BC Tax system benefits vip players

Currently it benefits on VIP players more than normal players.
This helps Kukouri as a company but doesn’t prevent rich to get even more.
If an idea was to balance wealth from rich to poor players it failed.

Here is 3 parts i suggest how to boost BC balancing and reduce WLs from game with turning those to valuable stuff.
1 - Items sold only by WLs and other items sold only by Bytecoins.
a. Basic with superior utility price range from 100k-250k BC and WL items Superior utility 250 WL - 1000 WL
b. Unique looks items with normal q utilities from 250k-10milj BC and WL items 1000 WL - 50 000 WL
2 - Quest items sold by BC. (Bound items, Special quest lines, Very expensive and unique)
a. New set of quests what require BC to be used, Items are Bound so there is no point to try buy them and resell, Special item quests with Utility, each on lines more expensive and more unique ones.
b. Add relationship to Events and quests only possible get in short time. basic ones can be sold again, more unique in end cant be sold.
3 - More events related on BC to join.
a. Tournament prices increase as well reward prices small boost lets say 50 %
b. Card came with quest cards and BC required to use.

New form return Quest’s
This questline relates to Secret Base event. Only active when event is on.
1 - NPC to return items List here: (Quest will Delete these Items what are Required for Reward)
a. 10 Legendary items to Choose one specified legendary item what u need.
b. 100 Ultra Rare items to Random Legendary item.
c. 50 Rare items to 1 Ultra Rare random item.
d. 30 Uncommon to 1 Rare item
e. 10 common to 1 Uncommon item

ps. this doesn’t work as balancing effect its temporarily fix for a while. For better solve issue is still
required and this game best by far from all other similar mmo’s.

It was part of the point of the change. Not the whole point, but a part of it.


That’s a big NO NO imo. Someone could literally send in 10 5 WL worth of superhero shoes, and get the GB Mask which is worth more than 1 PL.

So you dont think Shoes what are overwhelmed in game are worthy to rise those prices same time its 10 of those is consumed to Choose 1 required item ?

Yes, the shoes price would rise in price, but the exchanged items would also drop

Its called balancing values.

Balancing Values? So you’re saying you can get Punchpool Shoes when it’s literally August, huh? Then what’s the point of them making the dates? Why not just release ALL superheroes on that month at once.

Also, you do know SHOUTGUNS exist, right?

Personally, I don’t hate the idea. But really, 10 legendaries for any of your choosing? It’s just overpowered, and would break the superhero economy. Here’s my opinion =

  • Remove the 10 legendary item, the top tier should be at one random legendary FOR THAT MONTH
  • Ultra Rare to Legendary amount be reduced, to 50 - 70 (has to be the same item though)
  • Increase Common to Uncommon amount to 30? Things like Floor Spotlight and Hazard Platforms exist.

Well lets start looking for Quest Line what for players most like me are playing.
Epic Super hero quest line ->

Bruh this topic makes little to no sense what i did read are things like a small boost maybe 50 percent bruhh how is that small

The whole byte utility system was so jumbled and made no sense was it buying items with only wls and some others only bc thats a terrible idea

And sbase well if you implement that most legendarys would be worth 3wls

If i had 3 words to describe this topic it would be jumbled, unneccasary and kinda dumb

When 10 is reduced from game, in reality what will happend to Prices ?
This multiplied to 1000s Players who want get Epix gears ?

Wait… but from what u said up there it seemed everyone could choose one ledge to get

So, you’re saying that hoarding a bunch of SHOUTGUNs will get you E PWRs, which literally has 50 armor, a literal built jetpack, and damage boost?

A legendary item is simply worth… legendary. It has to be hard to obtain, so that people have a sense of progression, not to simply get exchanged with 10 guns that shoot out saliva.

Well it would rise Shoutguns price and those arent endless amounts.
For 77 Legendaries u gonna need about 500-600 other legendaries. if u plan use NPC to get exact legenary and have full set. * Accepts only Superhero 10 Legendaries parts to be Deleted to Get 1 Superhero Legenary part *

SUPERHERO Legendary Items were never meant to be limited. They’re seasonal, just like other events. If you’re simply going to use that exchange, then worthless the items will be.

You do know that this is the same as trading 10 Lord’s Helmet for a FREAKING PINK EARRING

Still, you’re not going to be trading 10 shoes of that superhero for another superhero which isn’t in rotation. If that were to be implemented ingame, then pink earring would be worthless, since it could be traded with 10 Bunny Locos.

This would ruin sbase bruh there is a reason you need to buy every legendary

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This would make every legendary in game 10 world locks

Take your time start reading from Start to end don’t miss so much points for what time when this NPC is active even. What for its meant. This truly could be implemented on All events this is presented only for 1 Event.

Do you even know how the superhero rotation works?