New boss ingame SUGGESTION [hope this one not bad]

i want new boss because (2 boss are boring) and i one some what about a flying U.F.O spawn in your world (no health bar) flying everywhere has 20000-15000 health and it just flying around for over 30 minutes and gone. well it gives some prizes after beating the boss
randomize props weapons and blocks!
and it was actually random items from alien booster
when you near the boss gives a weird sound. (probally alien U.F.O sound lol)
i know this a bad suggestion :frowning: already happend ok i dont have any idea left

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sometimes dont just make a topic for the sake of making a topic. i was like that at the start when i first joined i was creating tons of topics anyway this idea is fine but maybe if you think for a while about it instead of the moment the idea pops into your head you might create a very good suggestion.

Dont force yourself on posting suggestions…

I don’t know if an ailen boss is a good idea, there is no dynamic worlds for that yet so…

Most people’s phones are already old, and if something like this happens, it’s a pain in the ass for most people.