New bundle item but tradeable



Time to sell it for 1m bytes!

How come they always mess this up lol


Anddd now they’re fixing it


This is gonna happen with future bundles I bet ya

I love how when this showed up, i casually continued rushing mines and even had time to do 3 mines and to put my keys in pwe :laughing:

I wonder why :sweat:

20 characters

You can give them to me bro :+1:

ill give them back later :smirk:

Everything that you buy for your own real money is going to be restricted. No dropping, PWE or trading. Also no storing in chests, unless you pay 10K gems for a special storage.

Why does it not seem absurd to you?

It’s not absurd that they don’t let people do that. It’s against Apple TOS and companies like Ubisoft who let that happen (Growtopia’s Assasin’s Creed set for IRL money is still tradeable) are at wrong because they break rules

In roblox, you buy robux for IRL money and you can trade it.

I never actually played Roblox, but if it works like you say, then you have a point, because I was wondering for a long time how is Growtopia getting away with it and now it’s Roblox too. It’s something about those games or something about that rule, now you got me curious :smiley:

I was trying to find that rule, Apple’s TOS is like a phone book

my friend that plays gt said their making some items that cost money tradeable

Yeah they make pretty much all of them tradeable after about half a year of its release, which somehow makes it legal. They also are selling some kind of voucher things for real money that you can exchange into tradeable ingame items.