New card battle update

i wonder do we lose the cards after we use them in a battle or lose a battle. if we lose cards , no one would use limited cards xD.

I hope we don’t. They maybe could limit it at the max if it will be really needed to like you can play this and this card just in 3 battles per day, I hope they won’t do that.

I hope not, but then again, It might work for tournaments, making players create new decks. Who knows, we’ll get more information when the dev vlog comes out. Maybe there’s a special deck item that allows you to store your current cards? That might help combat the inventory problem too.

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yea jake said the cards will be stored separately from the current item inventory

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There should be 3 Inventory areas should have simple own inventory Cards / Cloths, usable items and Pets / Seeds

Would make the most sense, thanks for the info

Anyways, we will have more detailed information about them on the Dev Vlog coming this Saturday.

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