New currency (better idea)

Introducing Kilobytes!

1 KB = 1000 BC

should make it easier to trade for more expensive items.

I’m quite split on this suggestion. On the one hand, I feel that if any more currencies are introduced then new players will get too confused. On the other hand, those who are looking to do big trades with byte coins would have a much easier time, so kilobytes would be good there.

basically have KB under the BC icon, you can convert in pwe

I understood that, I was just worried that new players might not understand all of the different currencies. That said though, they would probably be somewhat experienced by the time they have been able obtain 1,000 byte coins, so it would most likely be fine. :thinking: Guess your suggestion has my support.

@ElijahPw thanks man, see, this is why this man so good ty :wink:

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I honestly don’t see this being necessary. Not that many players will hit 1 million mark. In the case they do, they will have extensive experience by that time. Adding this is just a pointless thing that takes time for zero good reason. Instead of this, I believe the developer should focus on making sure Byte Coin holds value, as it is PW official currency, relatively stable next year as it is today.