New currency: Wonder Gems

There are 2 official currencies - gems and BC.
Gems are super abundant and you can get them from every single thing in the game.
BC are generally a replacement for WLs, a trading currency for the PWE.

But there is no currency that is actually rare and not abundant in the game. Something that is not an item, but very rare.

So I suggest Wonder Gems. Wonder gems have the shape of a normal gem, but is rainbow.

What can wonder gems buy?
There would be a WG shop in PIXELSTATION, and that would have the following items to trade:

  • 100 gems: 1 WG
  • Wondrous Wings: 100 WG
  • 25 Block of Wonders: 1 WG
    (just suggestions.)

How would you obtain WG?
Well, as they are meant to be RARER than normal gems, they would be obtained only via:

  • Bonus rewards via gem packs
  • Wonder Gem Chests, obtained rarely from fishing/mining/pets
  • Events

Why? Why introduce ANOTHER CURRENCY?
They’re meant to be rewards for loyalty to the game. Either you can buy a nice gem pack and get WGs with them as an added bonus for the loyalty, or you can be loyal by doing activities such as fishing or participating in events.

The fact that gem packs only give gems and nothing else makes them kinda disappointing. So why not add an added bonus to it?
I am not trying to make the game pay to win. I just want a currency in the game that is RARE, as gems are so abundant in the game.

if if one wonder gem is worth 100 gems then they arent really that rare are they :thinking:

I think that “wonder gems” are not really a good idea since there is no use for them. Pixelworlds is such a great game without any premium currencies, because otherwise the game would feel really unfair and discouraging if there was something like this.

No. You can exchange a WG for 100G, but not back, like if you trade a WL for 219 BC at the trader.

I don’t really know about this. :thinking:

Well of course it’s just an idea. :slightly_smiling_face:

if all you can buy with wonder gems is a pair of wings and some wonder block, then I think it will end up like those bubblegum tokens but less useful

As I said, these are examples. Not the full list.

No reason for a currency to be rare, 2 currencies is enough
Gems buy from in-game shop
Byte Coins buy from other players.


Agree. In fact, there’s no need to even have two currencies to begin with. Gems are like your ‘check’ given by your employer that you need to cash out to money before you can use it to buy goods. The money is BC. It’s just ridiculous to have another form of currency. I don’t see this suggestion being useful in any way, shape, or form.

I don’t really agree with this…
We already have 2 currencies already and most people want BC to be the main currency already not wls which is another currency but unofficial i guess.
I don’t really see a reason to add another currency in-game. Adding another currency could also just make this game too economy-based.

well they are gem packs…

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I’m sorry, but I don’t think adding a new currency would be good idea after all.
We already have the Gems and the Byte coins, and that’s pretty enough for the players.

i wouldn’t find my use in having another currency but you are providing very good reasons and arguements.