New emotes and features?

we didn’t have new emotes and perks since ages, i know that the dev team are working hard atm but can we get updated if were gettin any of those:
1- new emotes
2- new perks
3- the ability of feeding others pets
4- an machine which auto places blocks (farming update)
5- changing worldlocks and bytes in-shop prices (that thing would be epic and rly could make wls easier to make for newbies and not make them rage-quit on their first day for how hard it is)

thats it, i hope an admin give us more details and info of what were gettin OR when we gettin any of those :v:


Autofarm activated

well, xD it is needed since farming nowadays is weak af

Do u realise how much this is going to affect the economy?

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yes, do u know how good this is? probably brings back many newbies who quitted, next to get rid of the lack of wls available, items rising and there isnt even that much of wls

Personally I hope for more perks for the new content in the game since the whole level revamp. I.e perks for mining, jet race and pets. As they are nice updates and both clan boosts and perks neglect them.

a machine that auto places blocks prob wont be added cuz ur going to have to build urself (i mean thats why pixel worlds is called pixel worlds cuz u make your own worlds right?)

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Well I guess that’s one reason, I just see it as overpowered as you can just have a weight on your spacebar to autobreak. Granted that 5 minute timer is a thing, but not that hard to counter-act.

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  1. there are at least some facial expressions that hasn’t been released yet
  2. I agree
  3. Yes, please - hopefully we can make some more features for the pets in the future.
  4. I doubt this.
  5. Not sure what you mean here…

thanks for agreeing to most of the suggestions, i meant by 5 that the price of worldlocks should be decreased to smth like 2500gems and bytes 270/2500gems too!

You can def just auto farm (legally)
By using the banana trick while it places blocks

I don’t use bananas but I see where you are coming at, I just never found them to be much use in order to do it. Plus I do not play on mobile.

Been a really long time since new Emotes, gimme! :hugs:

We all want new Perks! :heart:

Never thought of such a brilliant idea. :+1:



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The banana trick was shown in the old forums as a way in auto farm xd

Ahh I see. Tried it, did not work that well for me.

I personally have never tried it

Yeah I have found weights that I can use and are suitable in order to hold down the keys. It really help to finish up stuff for my pass produce project.

Alt + tab tricks, easy auto break and place

IT CAN BE USED TO PLACE, interesting.

I don’t take great care of my pet Stevie so I’m happy to see EndlesS agreeing with others feeding them for me :rofl:. Hopefully it’s not limited to just people with access, I want people who stick in my worlds to be able to as well.