New evolution diversity for familiars

Pets diversity is way to small, that’s why it Would be cool to add a big diversity of pets evolutions aswell, not only the new pets but also the most old ones like ninja pickle. It Would give a chance to the familiars to be not hts anymore and to have a Big diversity of pets in game.
I did a pixel art of a evolution of the sensei pickle. Uploading: Sensei Pickle.png…

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It would probably be a little redundant to add new evolutions to familiars like the ninja pickle, since they haven’t been available for a long time, and it’s unlikely that it’d be worth the effort to create a new evolution for the 100 or so people who would be able to use it. For the main familiars, such as the white bunny, and other’s that are regularly available during events, like the baby penguin, it would make sense.

To be honest i disagree, imagine if every familiar have a big evolution tree. And for the question of the pickle, well the problem is that the lack of evolution make the pet useless and not “hyped”, and it’s not like it takes alot of time to make a familiar, im not asking new pets but new evolutions. we didnt have something new in the pets since 2017.

The Imp has a diverging evolution, yet you rarely see either of them around. Think about how rarely you see a Ninja Pickle, and then make that even lower, and that’s about how many people you’ll see with a new evolution of it.

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I see what you’re meaning but im not sharing the same opinion. For me it’s just a bonus to the player to add new content even if it’s useless. Pixel World developers should do that, so even if it’s useless for the case of the pickle, it give something more, a little bonus for the item.

When the pet update was announced,the players was pretty hyped for the different evolution a Bunny could have for example. At the start, no one could evolve a pet more than 1 or 2 times because earning gems was difficult, now it’s different everyone can easily get all the evolutions. And for example, i remember the wave of suggestion of players who Would likes to add a evolution for the nether ball, even if it’s limited, even if the number was limited, it’s just a question of content that’s why i didnt named this suggestion “New familiars” but “familiars diversity”.
(Btw im sorry for my bad english on my replies.)

By adding new evolution though, what’s going to stop people getting those easily too? Wouldn’t that just further encourage the same issue?