New Feature

I’ve got some ideas for this game after i playing tons of other games.

I think we can add a sewing machine where you can make your own clothes? But you’re gonna needs some special ingredients such like wools and maybe paint(?).

How to get the wools, paint and other ingredients? Well I’m not sure about the paint and the other ingredients for now but I think we can get wools from the sheep which we can get in the…

Animal Farm Update.
Yes. This is another feature that i would like to see in this game, Where we can buy Animal Farm such like Sheep, Cow, And Chicken from the shop.
And yeah using Harvest Moon method, if you take care the animals well, you’ll get a high quality of Cow Milk (From Cow), Egg (From Chicken) and Wool (From Sheep).

Well i call it Cow Milk because we already had milk in game (Which we can get from the nether)

CMilk, Egg, And Wool, can be sold to a Farmer(NPC) for gems. Yes, just like fish, The higher quality you get, The higher gems you get.
Quality Rate : A (Very Good) B (Good) C (Average) D (Bad) E (Very Bad)

And yeah back to sewing feature, You can also use your wools for making a new clothes…

Listen, i feel like my ideas isn’t perfect yet, so i hope someone could fix it :slight_smile: or maybe bring a better idea for Farm and Sewing?

Thank you very much for anybody who read this or adds/fix something to my ideas :))))


Sounds good to be honest. Maybe for a post halloween update?

sounds like growtopia with extra steps…

Extra extra extra steps, but would love to see it in pw.

i dont know why but that sounds like growtopia to me

The idea is from growtopia, but wouls love to see it in pw style

did you mean draw clothes? and make it to the game?

Firstly, would be hard to code since most of the developers leave pixel worlds

i didnt know what you mean but, if youre talking about making and drawing your own clothes, would be a bad idea since players can make innapropriate drawings

No he meant like gt where there are specific clothes with specific recipes.

Hmm yeah i agree. I think we can using The Sims 2 method then where the game itself giving their own design?

For anyone who said its sounds like growtopia, I’ve never played growtopia in my life before :frowning:

Good thing. You could’ve vomited.

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i am a player since growtopia’s release. it was nice until ubisoft bought it. everything got downhill from there.

Yea, heard alot 'bout it