New Gamemodes

Don’t worry, this is not cursed so read ahead if you want to.
I’ve thought of a game of tag mode. There can be a new dynamic world wherein you can enter alone or with your friends and choose 1 of the 3 modes for tag. They can all have a timer limit of 1-2 mins and have 1-2 taggers.

Basic tag

In this mode, the game will take place in an enclosed place (something like the stages in pac man, for reference). So the tagger chases the victims, if they are tagged, they are out. The tagger’s range could be limited so when the victim is above the tagger, the tagger can not just tag the victim out. The stages can be random (depends on how many the devs create) and there can be speed boosts and maglifts for it to be paced faster.

Mount Tag

In this gamemode, the game will still take place in an enclosed place, but players will be using their mounts/ jets to chase each other in the space. the mechanics are the same as the one in basic tag but there could be some kind of obstacles.

Hide and seek

In this gamemode, the tagger will then be a seeker and the victims will then be hiders (which are still victims). It will take place in a dark maze-like place. The hiders will have around 10 seconds to hide before the seeker is able to move or enter, in this time frame, the light/brightness of everything becomes normal so that the hiders will know where to hide. There can be hidden secret rooms, trap door rooms etc. for more hiding spots. Light will surround the seeker (just like when you’re mining). The seeker will have to hit the hider for them to be out. Time limit for this would be 2-3 minutes.

You can pay byte coins to enter (around 10-30, since i don’t want this to be profit focused) and can win around 100 bytes.
I’m sorry if it looks somewhat messy. I also know this could be hosted by players but i see it could be a good feature if added by the game itself.

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What actually is a Tag?

Game where in you chase each other

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This is actually good.

  • adds capture the flag and more suggested by fellow Forumers and discorders *

those can also be added along

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Inspired by Yakusoku no Neverlands?? :rofl: Its fascinating idea btw

Uh you should probably develop your ideas a bit but not bad.