New Headscarf Colors

Simply, we need more colors of the best item in the game
So i made them
yellow purple green orange pink aqua white armygreen silver gold

In order:

  • Yellow Headscarf
  • Purple Headscarf
  • Green Headscarf
  • Orange Headscarf
  • Pink Headscarf
  • Aqua Headscarf
  • White Headscarf
  • Military Green Headscarf
  • Silver Headscarf
  • Golden Headscarf

Brilliant, just brilliant. You’d say you got your bandana in a twist recolouring those, no?

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Cool collection of headscarfs. :open_mouth:

The military green headscarf looks really nice.

I hope this does get added in the next crossbreedable update.
I’d also like to see more color variants of the beard not gonna lie…