New idea for the pixel worlds community😊

Spirit mask:
which one looks better the one with white eyes or the one with yellow eyes :grin:


cool recolor, looks more like a nature theme

Honestly i could get behind this idea, itd look great if it was a darker shade. And it could be paired with the ancient golem looking jumppack

I don’t know why, but it’s just so…refreshing. I love it :sweat_smile:

I know it couldn’t make to halloween legendaries because well…people would hate to get a recolor for a legendary but how about an update with community designs? I’d love that so much!

It’s cool. I love the colors.

Btw the title is getting repetitive, you can just make the title the name of the item just a recommendation.

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Yep! I’d kinda love the name “Naturally an Ifrit Mask” :sweat_smile: