New Items


50 Pilum Spears and 500k Gems
the red visor is from nether as far as I know

Credits to Ekip Ali, New10, Pleist for the images on discord


Is this new? :thinking:

Probably, haven’t seen that

Bruh, it really seems that there is only 13 new items.
I am so disappointed, I was expecting more recoloured items.

Sure thing is this is not from the nether vendor and it’s says it’s come from the depths of the nether soo… maybe a special drop from the deepnether?

Yep I’m like 99% sure it’s from Deep Nether
Cause in normal nether there’s that scenario where a random takes your visor, just like when my anniversary sword was almost taken I think lol

deym son

Who is going to make new sprites if PW has no artists? Will this game get any more updates at all?

They will hire new people obviously.

But atleast we got some features people have been asking for years like the already cleared worlds and other world generation, and I think there is a new respawn thing or something :thinking:

According to Serxan the red visor is from the vip daily bonus but idk…

Woah! so many cool items

I like the Wings of Gormathaw but they should’ve been called Wings of ExoSoldier :roll_eyes:

Now that I think about it, who in their right mind asked for or decided to add those yellow sprites, they look damn ugly and I don’t think they fit any set. :roll_eyes: