New "limited" item concept

Most of people in this community know that i tried to design items and make admins add them to the game,
theres items like spirit lance, soul halo , spirit halo, flaming halo and etc.

why not? to add Soul halo as limited PWE item like Elite water gun on halloween

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this is just a concept / idea and suggestion however you can call it so dont think devs will actually do it lol


nice item idea, but i dont think they are going to add it to the game

Siskea said in last week’s ctalk that they will not use any community made items in halloween.

I guess they won’t implement any item suggestions unless they ask for item suggestions, the game is already in a bad state, with no designers or much devs, accepting item suggestions from players will make them look more helpless, and kukouri guys don’t want that.

she said, that the community items will be added but not as legendarys

The soul halo lookin’ pretty cute tho🤗

Maybe the halo could be a bc store item?