New lore got added?

Anyone knows anything about lore, some say that new lore got added?

yes, In google play update logs say you get it from pets

He said LORE not LURE

what is lire novb …

What is a lire novb
doesn’t that make you the “novb” since you don’t know what it is

It’s the cutscene/cinematic at the start of the game.

Nice my comments were deleted. Thanks guys :anger:

I don’t think it was allowed then like if something gets removed then it is most likely illegal. Anyways what new lore where?

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No new lore yet. I just posted an image of what a leaker posted. Sorry if it was against the rules @dev I didn’t know

Jake said crab has a secret lore, not sure what.

For real? Jake said the Crab Bait has to do with the lore? I doubt it but… anyways…

Why else would their only means of acquisition be from another dimension? Yet they’re caught here

Well… that’s a point for you. Only pets are able to travel through demensions, at this moment…

That brings up a good question though… Since pets can bring back rewards from these dimensions, maybe they can also bring things into those dimensions with them?

Maybe if your dog is big enough then you can put a saddle on it and ride it into outer space!

This is animal abusing @Shawn

Stop crediting dataminers, its illegal to discuss thats why the post was deleted

will be locking this thread since there are users discussing about leaked contents. Do take note that datamining the game is not highly recommended and like what Neoslayer have said, do not credit them. If you know, you know. Don’t spread it around here in the forums.

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