New lore world



holy potato
oh my potato
what the potato
@Antonis73 @RetNos

Lore hunters knew about this already before the video was made.


So you ONLY need a bed and milk to access that world?

With bedtime snuggles included or im not coming

He went a mimir i saw it with my own eyes

Yup milk bed sleep and boom! you are the lore god

<-20 characters->

serxan vented at weird lore world


I saw something on the left, Looks like the fiery blue creature in the cryptical mechanical box. I bet theres a boss fight

afaik you also need to have a Night Orb in the world you consume it in

wait how did you get the milk?

its a special drop in nether, but you can buy it from other players for about 2k-4k. its not sold on PWE.

It’s not really a “drop”. It’s in a chest in a nether module that has an extremely small chance to be in a nether, AND you cannot access it without 2 other users standing on pressure pads. Considering that most people playing nether leave/die halfway, it’s not possible to get it for regular users.

Cry about it.

Lore hunters + Antonis73
(I’m not a lore hunter)