NEW MASSIVE UPDATES for 2021! | Pixel Worlds Highlights

NEW MASSIVE UPDATES are coming this year 2021! New mounts, January update date, mobile 60 fps, and a REALLY BIG UPDATE are soon to come! Jake also checks out the entries for the jet design competition!

Highlights from January 14, 2021 Twitch stream.

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…??? You literally just stole his stream recording and added an intro.


This channel was made in response to this thread. It’s a highlights video so it’s meant to provide a condensed version of the 2-hour long stream video. A lot of people seem to be interested in these nowadays.

Kukouri staff members have not created stream highlights videos lately. The last time I recall they made one was on July 21, 2018, when the TutorialBot fills in for the weekly YouTube episode.

The last time someone else made stream highlights was several months ago. I think this was under Citrina, Sieggy, and Ghustie because they actively posted these on Discord. They never released a statement on why they stopped posting as far as I know.

Obviously, I am not taking ownership of any of their content. If any Kukouri staff member wants me to take the video down, then I’d be more than happy to end the project. In the meantime, I’ll continue producing these video as I’m happy to see that there are other people who like to watch this type of content.


NOSTALGIA. I hope not

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the next update will be something to do with fashion shows. ( at least CK said so)
I think there will be blocks/props that create a system for people to host fashion shows with.


I’m interested to see what they’re bringing in for this.

Fashion… thats nice

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really? oof will see lol

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