New player tuning in

Hello everybody! I’m a new pw player, started yesterday with my friend and i just decided to join the forums.

h0i, welcome to Pixel Worlds.

Enjoy the ride. The coaster is currently going downhill


Same they said abt gt 7 years ago, it’s still running

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Is PW still running? Then you better catch it :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

(Welcome to PW! Hope you enjoy it here, PW is pretty fun as a newbie, good luck exploring things!)
(My jokes are even more terribler)


Thanks! But even if your jokes aren’t funny wait until you start seeing my dad jokes around :joy:

No dad jokes please.

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We leave the dad jokes back in Growtopia,
In Pixel World’s we are a very sophisticated community and pretty much all players have a bright future here.

You may joke around but please respect our culture.

Okay i won’t do dad jokes

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Okay, treaty signed. I won’t burn your house with cheese now.

Half of them come from growtopia

No, my origin of dad jokes comes from fellow fathers who i spent time with (i’m not old tho)

Are you 8 years old?

Hm, short answer : no.

Long answer, i’m married and a father, what do you think?

Is this a dad joke :thinking:

How’s that a short answer fr?
Are you secretly a time traveler?
Are you negative 36 years old?
Do your cells age backwards?
Ya got games on your phone?

  1. I’m not a time traveller.
  2. I’m 24, not -36.
  3. What the?
  4. Yes i have hay day and pw

Thanks for filling out the form
Welcome to PW !


Thanks :purple_heart: i’ve enjoyed my journey here so far.

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Yes so on to step 2.
Give me your credit card info, your SSN, your birth certificate, your marriage certificate, your forged obituary, your passport, your visa, your location, the time you sleep, the time your wife sleeps, every single password and username you’ve ever used, your grandmother’s ashes, your grandfather’s ashes, your driving license, your car insurance and your health insurance.

Kindly DM me these public documents and I will give you get skemmed noob

My gmail is (not kidding i actually just created it) Ask me there i might response to you with one of your question
My credit card is 00000000000000000000
ssn 00000000000000000000000000
birth certificate 1.1.1111
Wait what the heck is the rest