New price world BYTE


No thanks, I rather just check prices from item info

We do the exact same.

Then what was the point of Byte

Saves time, you can quickly view items instead of individually looking at each items info. It protects against manipulated item prices in PWE. It lists prices of items that don’t have a relevant PWE value.


But I thought you did the exact same as @sMiiki :thinking: (Sorry for playings Devils advocate here lol) :rofl:

Did you know exactly why price worlds died? It’s because of PWE. Even if the price was manipulated, I think you could see the previous graphs tho unless they manipulated the whole graph. That sucks.

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Look, I just posted this to let people know the world exists. If you don’t need it, don’t use it. There are people however, who visit and use it daily. This isn’t a post debating about price worlds, its just me letting those who need the world know that it exists.

If you don’t need it, don’t use it. Simple as that


Yo @Prices you think u gonna build a world like byte world series example: Byte2.0 for specific items like Byte2.0 for Blocks , seeds, farmables or common clothes (not limited or easy to get) and byte3.0 etc, etc ,etc

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