New scam?

This is my first time seeing this, and im seeing this daily at February and not before.
so bascially, player says this.

’’ Ill give you these prizes if you trust me ''

I did reported him and warned the victim but the owner banned me and the victim dosent even care.

Hopefully the moderators’ gets active and all scams should be notice to prevent further scams specially to new players whos age is 10+ or has no experience.

Nah this is just another form of trust scam
Been done in the other game where in you get prizes the higher price value you trust rhe owner with

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as much as i helped the victim, he just wont listen.

thanks for the info!

It is not surprising that people resort to deceit and manipulation. Satisfying your own needs has become a priority in almost every aspect of life.

Well, i warned them. wished PW makes a world for scam-awareness.

There’s worlds like stopdontscam, or awareness. But honestly, its the players fault if they got scammed, they fell for the tricks, or didn’t know any better, or don’t have conman sense. I also think its a huge waste of time for the devs to make a scam awareness world. Cause there will always be new scams coming with new features they add. It also has less time for the devs to work on PW or they may have to do it on their own time. Which may not be fun for them to do.

stopdontscam still isnt recognizable. if the victim got scammed then the victim will become the scammer. players below 13 gets victimed by scammers (brainwashing)