New secret base SUGGESTION

some more suggestion about new secret base robots because kinda boring.
new robots:

  • flying drone (have like plane wings keep following you like nether wraith) deal 25% dmg health:200

new legendary:

  • robot shooter mask (same as tentacle mask) dmg: 0 [fire damage: 15] [dark damage: 120]
  • tech sword. dmg: 10 [water damage: 20] [light dmg: 20] [wind dmg: 30]
  • potion thrower. (throw potions) dmg:20 critic:2% [fire dmg:120]

new clothes/weapons:

  • broken beer bottle [weapon] dmg:100 [UR]
  • techy visor [clothing] [UR]
  • professor glasses [clothing] [R]
  • professor outfit [clothing] [UC]

new traps:

  • two direction laser trap (there is 2 direction in just a trap left right) shoots 2 lasers
  • poisonous beam trap (when get hit by this trap the player will loss health faster and get poisoned)
  • power cannon (cannon shoots projectiles same like plasma cannon)
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These are actually good ideas but I don’t find s base boring

New traps = deadly.
I want the new clothings.

is that broken beer bottle a TF2 reference?

i mean for me was boring same places lol

i just love the potion thrower lol :joy: was that good

Yeah the traps are good