New to Mining

I decided i wanna get into mining
and i would really appreciate if y’all give me some tips.
Thanks in advance

By watching

It gives some excellent tips to help your survive.

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I wish i could show you in a better way,…

But if you’re new to mining get the Crappy Pickaxe of course, then start do a lot of Level 1 Mines to upgrade your Pickaxe to the next one.

  • Use any pieces of clothes, that gives Armor:

:white_check_mark: Normal / Physical Armor.
:x: Elemental Armor.

  • Later switch slowly Armor Clothes out with Mining Gear, since Gear gets very important to Mining!

The Mining Strategy:

This is just an example.

  • Weapons are not needed in the Mines, the Pickaxes are just fine.

This just some of the basics, and some things you should know. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good luck in the Mines! :pick:

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I would recommend you:

  • If you have a budget: to invest in some gear, some high tier keys and a good pickaxe to start mining.
  • If you are not familiar with it: then I would recommend you to start buying the Crappy Pickaxe for 2,000 gems and to start from lower mine levels.

Before entering the mines, I would also recommend you to bring some armor, and some healing potions if needed.
Once in the mines, try to loot as much as you can, try to clear every corner, collect all the nuggets possible and to break the gemstone blocks. Then find the exit at the bottom of the mines.

Hope you have a great time. :smile:

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“About 70 Nuggets per mining how many profit per mine”

LV1 - (Lv1 Key Cost: Free) (Sell for 2/1) +0.35WL/Mining
LV2 - (Lv2 Key Cost: -0.5WL (2/1) (Sell for 1/2 (or 550BC each) 1.4 - 0.5 = +0.9WL/Mining
LV3 - (Lv3 Key Cost: -2WL) (Sell for 5.5/1 2/11) 3.85 - 2 = +1.85WL/Mining
LV4 - (Lv4 Key Cost: -5.5WL) (Sell for 1/10) 7 - 5.5 = +1.5WL
LV5 - (Lv5 Key Cost: -10WL) (Sell for bruh untradeable) 0 - 10 = -10WL

tbh i dont really have any tips. the thing is mining is like nether but u can break almost everything, if ur good at nether ur epic in mining