New to the game

Hey guys i was wondering can you tell me how to start the game?

go do nether collect nether crystal and put them then break it to get gems also kill monsters in netherworld
or farming
orrrr fishing
or mining
do jetrace
selling stuffs
and more

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i been doing nether and i earned like 4 wls because of it is it a good start? vanoyt383_pro

yes hope you get platinum lock by convert 100wls

i hope i get pl too :smiley:

Since you’ve started nethering, you could also try mining for a while and see which of them you prefer
In mining, you buy a crappy pickaxe for 2k gems
Start with level 1 - Just exit as fast as you can, you don’t have to clear it. Then convert the nuggets to keys then sell for 2/1 or for BC OR Use them to mine level 2 (better to get used to level 1 first)
Then develop gears from there on

Welcome to the forums, i suggest you to start nethering, and sell 300 crystals for 250-300 bc. if you got like many bc and 2k gems then proceed to mine, complete level 1 and get 100+++ bronze nuggets and sell 1 key for 150 bc or 2/1 3/2.

Awesome to see you here too AniError, and how the progress went from Day 1, and now a few days later.

  • Welcome to the Forums! :slightly_smiling_face:

First of all, welcome to the community @AniError!
The first thing you should do is to focus on building a main world, then you can start farming blocks or do some nether runs.
You will earn experience into the game as you play it.