New update teaser! What do you think?

Teaser is from Pixel Worlds Instagram.

“This Saturday on our youtube channel you will finally find out what we have been building and designing the whole year so far. The next big update will be revealed. :wink: #pixelworlds
Ps. Yeah it’s ment to be blurry :rofl:

Now Jake has revealed a bit less blurry version of the other photo. Looks like a card.

To be honest, I don’t have a clue about what the next update could be about. We are going to have more details on the upcoming Dev Vlog, but for sure seems to be cool! :smile:


Background seems like coral In my opinion but it’s probably not

To me it looks like a perk icon, except with a red picture instead of a white one.


im extremely excited tbh

I really hope they don’t show too much to us because it’s not interesting explore then:P

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Yeah, I hope for the same thing.

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So Jake posted this 12 hours ago. It’s pretty much the same previous photo but zoomed out.

I don’t think it’s a perk. Since Jake said they’re creating this “big update” I’m thinking it’s somewhat going to be really different. And it would literally make no sense if Jake posted a perk as a teaser for Pixel World’s big update.

From my point of view, it kind of looks like a card game of some sort. It reminds me of this:

Also, someone has suggested a card game for Pixel Worlds before (I can’t recall their name). If I remember correctly Dev/Jake said that it would “take a lot of time if they do plan to implement this but the staff does want it to be in-game” and this update DID take a lot of time for the devs to develop :thinking: is it a coincidence…? These are just my accusations, I could be wrong though.

Anyways, if it is indeed a card game, I hope that it will be fun and somewhat different than the other card games. Kind of like Adventure Time’s Card Wars game or Club Penguin’s Card Jitsu (if anyone knows what those are) but if it’s not, then I’m very much excited to see what the update is about! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Found it!

I’m not so sure but I remember Jake said something about this feature too in a stream.

Wow! I’m not sure about it, but for sure it would be pretty cool to have card games inside the game to play against your friends! That would be so fun! :smile:

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card game gonna be very cool!
i hope get jake card :dab:

i think the 105 is power number and the skull are actually a defeated card
i think
edit: the top text kinda like card name

The 105 might be the damage. The top text is the card name. I think the skull doesn’t mean its “defeated” it’s just the card icon. It might be some kind of spell card. Who knows.

The update is going to be revealed on saturday, so we most likely get tomorrow another teaser before the reveal.

I will be slightly disapointed if its a card game but i actually think it will be some sort of adventure mode

Oooooh, that’s an interesting take, I kinda hope it’s a card game now.

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I’ve also made a more detailed thread about it regarding my speculations with the teaser. My theory about the BIG UPDATE