New Vid 400 clovers per Day!

Youtube: Scood 151 newest vid!

New vid! How to get 400 clovers per Day!

Here is the link of the video to make it simple and easier to find it for other who didn’t checked it yet.

Also i would like to say few things about your video.

In my opinion, the intro is too short… Ok there was a clip before you showed your intro… but your intro was literally 3 second long… Try make it longer :wink:

1:16, you mention a android emulator for pc to use more account at the same time to get more clovers… There is something else called “Sandboxie” which use less ressouces from your pc and is wayyy better to use in my opinion.

I use it for this event and it’s pretty nice and with sandboxie, you can run tons of clients (my limit is 4 clients) if you got a really good pc, i’m sure you can run like… 8 clients at the same time and considering the clovers spawn approximatively every hours, you can get like 800 clovers per day with that method.

Welcome in the forums, you video was nice by the way!

Thanks! Will try to work on those things👍