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I recomend you to use PixelLab to do your thumbnails, it’s a free software for android and apple and it’s a pretty decent app to do thumbnails :wink:

I use it to do mine for my videos and i really love that software

Don’t @ShadowTurtle , it’s filled with ads.

There is something called “using apps without wifi on so you don’t get ads because they don’t load”

I definitely didn’t know that but you get the best features and enjoyment at the maximum using editing with WIFI, example’s include: Adobe or WonderShare Filmora or Inshot.

So you tell me that to add text and images and effects, you need wifi?

Trust me, i use that app without wifi and it’s fully works.

I never said that but ok.


Doesn’t seem similar at all but I am not here to argue.

use canva for designing some THUMBNAILS, the best for pc and mobile!

I used Canva for a school project. Canva sucks. It’s used for more of presentations and projects than thumbnail.

I use a website on laptop which is completely free , works as the same way photoshop does ! I suggest that alot

I also use canva for my thumbnails and I think that it’s the best free website to make thumbnails with

There is no way to ads to be loaded when your wifi is off, and why would you need wifi to use some magic wand and glowing tool

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People like using Wi-fi in editing apps to get more features.

Ok, name the features that require wifi

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Using GIFs, transitions, filters and effects and more.

gifs are supposed to be downloaded on your device.

so with filters, they are supposed to be installed with the editor, right?

You can get better ones if you search them in the editing app and with GIFs goes for the same.