I’m not sure if this has been suggested before but won’t hurt to do so.

Newspaper Feature.
People can post stuff on the newspaper, either if they are selling a world, recruiting for clan, parkour world, looking for an item that’s hard to find.

This could refresh every hour

Prices of posting on the newspaper will vary depending on where you post it. (Front, middle, back) Front being the most expensive of the 3 and back being the cheapest.

Currency for posting on the newspaper will be bytecoins. This gives a new use for bytecoins of course.

Tags will be available so that you will be able to find what you want to find or see quicker.
Wanted tag - For those who are recruiting for clan, nether etc.
Market- For those who are selling or looking for a world/item.
World- World showcase, parkour, giveaway etc.

For it to be more organized when finding, you can filter them depending on the tags.

This can also reduce the load from GMs and could last longer (since it’s an hour or so)

You can only post 1 every refresh.

Player must be level 25+ to be able to post in the newspaper.

Maximum posts every hour will depend on the server’s capacity so the devs will decide this one.

The posts will contain name of the player who posted, along with the world name (can be toggled).

You will also be able to message the poster when you click on the post. (can also be toggled). This is so that if you have the item they are looking for you can message them.

To access it, there will be a button for it or it could be accessed through a new NPC in pixelstation. It can also be an item that costs super cheap so it would be accessible. (Problem is since it’s not built in it might not get much attention)

That’s currently what I could think of. I’m sorry if it’s kinda messy.

TL;DR Newspaper people post using byte coins. Tags, message system, Filter system.

Edit: Added a part


That’s actually a really cool idea

Maybe every week there could be an official newspaper prepared by staff, they can choose curators to create a more professional paper compared to what we might see everyday. It could be a good way for the community to engage with each other.

Edit: this in addition to the daily newspaper you’ve mentioned in your topic.

That would be a great addition

Woah, seems really cool, there could be a NPC in the pixelstation that ou can read/write newspapers. and like @XpertBeast said, there coud be a newspaper by the mods/admins, thaat will be notifying players of upcoming events/updates in the future. Really cool idea @Commanderder !!!


This suggestion is very good, bro, I hope the staff and developers read this post

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The whole idea is actually very interesting. An either weekly or daily newspaper with limited pages…

I want it to be only limited to informational only though. I don’t think people should be able to buy items directly through newspaper. That being said, posts should cost a certain amount of ByteCoins depending on traffic and/or on what page the player wants the advertisement to be.

This is another great way to flush ByteCoins out of the circulation to prevent heavy inflation.

Yes the rates could be different maybe depending on the number of people online or yes traffic.

Yes, but probably to make it more accessible, they could add a button for it maybe? (I forgot to add this part)

Idk, mabye you could buy a mini npc, or a news stand from the store with gems, and you could place it in your world, and when you want to read the newspaper or write in it you could buy the newspaper for gems? like 50gems for reading a newspaper, and 500 gems or 50 byte coins to write something on the newspaper.

writing something in the newspaper front page would cost you 70byte coins, the middle page 50 byte coins, and the last page 20-30 byte coins.

so yeah i think there should be like a newspaper stand in the pixelstation.

meow. again.

I think they could add newspapers that mods/admins only write, that have some stuff about new upcoming updates/events. Those would be free and you would be asked if you want to get them in the start of the game. These newspapers wouldn’t be daily, only if theres a lot of news about updates/events at that time, but they could be written only when there’s newws about updates/events and only then they would be uploaded to the mod newspapers.:slight_smile:


And add mailbox so peoples can put newspaper into the mailbox ( same as mail system)


Possible, so that we can receive

I think it should be free to view though.
And the prices for posting should be higher.
If the prices are higher, there would be less spam or smth like that, less trolls, only serious posters would really post. And since the spots are limited they would kinda have to be a bit more exp.
Probably only around the hundreds range?


It’s like a smaller radio of sorts xD

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Well yes but doesn’t show up on the messages so won’t get ignored or disappear as quick

Very cool idea! Looking forward to it.

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I like this idea, what are your plans on the prices?

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It will depend on the devs since it will depend on max number of posts on the newspaper

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There could be a pw official section that show’s u upcoming events,updates etc.
And Community section where people post about selling items etc.

Absolutely agree! to this. But please make the only method to pay in ByteCoins.

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From where I live (US), even though you do not pay for newspaper—kind of ridiculous that you pay so someone can advertise their products to you otherwise—one booklet typically consist of anywhere from 20 to 30 pages. Just maybe some food for thought to make it somewhat realistic and a newspaper isn’t gonna be like 100 pages long with each page containing 10 entries.

What would be great for addition as well is that if the newspaper is monthly or weekly edition, there can be like a one page in the middle somewhere dedicated for developer’s update, life, rants, or anything devs related.

What I am imagining right now is literally like I am reading a newspaper. This is probably a good idea as well if the pricing is determined on WHAT PAGE the advertiser wants it to be posted (e.g. page #1 will be the most expensive) and how long the post is. I wonder if we can upload a limited size of picture as well (e.g. max of 200 x 200 px) with bigger pixel = more expensive and pay premium. It may be super interesting, but who knows… what do you guys think?