Nice, finally

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Give some context, wdym you got invited to dall-e what is it??

You might have been seeing memes with AI-generated images from prompts.

This is an enhanced version of that.

Damn :rofl:

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When accepting our requests thread

on a serious note tho that’s hella cool

Without saul goodman, this can’t be called a court room.
Better call Saul

Ondrashek06 face reveal?

(here’s mine to keep it fair LOL)

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looks like a browser app lol

anyway when I searched mine obviously Faze clan came out

You got access to Dall-E 2 or Dall-E?

Faze Upppppppppp (2000000000)

It’s probably DALL-E 2.

The prompt bar is however overly sensitive, it rejects every word that might even slightly reference death, and after enough rejects, your account gets permanently banned.

So I have to be careful with this.

Theres also a discord bot called ‘midjourney bot’ which basically does the same thing but easier to access and you can invite it in your server and use

:0 i have no idea what i am looking at

how do you even use that search?
i accidentally did something, like registering to something idk

I’m wondering the same thing.

You don’t have to register, I was using this website though


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