Nice knowing PW

This probably won’t be seen but I’ll post it anyway.

To those who don’t know/remember me, I used to be active on the forums in 2021, and then I haven’t been so active. I would make drawings of things and post it here, even if it’s not PW related. And I did earn with one of my drawings (via competition).

It’s weird that I am saying this now but yeah, I am gonna be stepping out of the PW realm now. I’ll not giveaway anything, I will just log in and instantly log out just to save my worlds just in case PW does have a brighter future.

PW was a part of my “childhood”, I started in 2019 when my classmates mentioned it and I started playing, even though it was grindy, I still loved it and I honestly can’t believe I have a lot of things. It was not a waste of time. I met and talked to other people and I liked it. I even saw other artworks by people who like drawing like me.

Now the people who know about this have been gone but I was planning on making a comic book based on PW. I was really ambitious back then so it fell apart. I planned everything and got too far ahead of myself (one person replied this to me) and even made one panel that people read online, and even made a group to make the comic book but yeah it fell out and I ended up not doing it as the drawing/writing skills I have myself need improving. Looking back at my old art, it’s kinda bad in my eyes.

The ideas however I will still take note of since I am getting into writing and I can make my own stories using the ideas I have made for the comic initially. It’s one of the good outcomes in my process of making the comic. I will add things also that reference this game even though no one will probably know about it at that point.

So yes, I let down the many who were anticipating it, and with that, I am sorry, I got too ambitious and yeah I just didn’t plan it out. If I did (along with better drawing/writing skills) you guys would be reading comics here.

I would like to thank users here too, it was really fun talking to you all. I don’t know what to say other than that, it was just really fun talking to ya’ll.

Now my future? Well I will never stop drawing. I haven’t made a proper artpiece since last year but I am mostly sketching and studying, to improve my skill. I have also been working out and I started getting gains which boosted my confidence and it made me in the mood to do a lot of things. I have found inner peace within myself as well especially when I draw, I am happy.

I would say my interest in this game ran it’s course because I started to lose interest in this game even before Jake left. It’s a normal thing in life and we all move on. I have moved on. And I am now focusing on new goals and just not focusing on getting rich in the game.

I’ll close it off here, Pixel Worlds, you contributed a part of me in my younger years and as I move forward, I will remember the game. I will return if Pixel Worlds does revive itself but until then, this is it, I am out. I’m still open to anyone who wants to talk (Discord: Tizerius#2807)

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b0i take care

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You too buddy

respect for you man, take care and hopefully you can be a profesional artist

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Goodbye my man
May your art skills be absolutely amazing (I know it’s already amazing but it could be amazinger)

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