Nice, very nice

I was sleeping and woke up a few minutes ago to this, very cool.


Wasn’t expecting to get it for the next 2 months :sweat_smile:


ooo congrats , also why did everyone lose that title anyway?

I think the badge goes away with a few days of inactivity, you can set it as a title in preferences if you want to.

now but like, that was a few month ago, but I still dont know why everyone who had that badge, including me, lost it, and I can guarantee that I wasnt inactive.

Well contact a forum mod about that, i can’t really help you ¯_(ツ)_/¯

The requirements were changed at one point. Almost everyone had trust level 3 and they also got some weird, powerful rights with it. It makes a bit more sense now.

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Yes Queen! :heart_eyes::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:

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what the requirements now?

Gratz! I got the badge as well 7hrs ago


You can set it as a title, its on the badge’s preferences.


That’s actually super cool lol
I’m currently still waiting for that fateful day when I get regular rank too :eyes:

Hope you will get it soon :wink:

Im waitibg that day too

They won’t tell you, but one of them is that your forum account is not blacklisted. Blacklisting happens automatically with any mute or ban, and every blacklist expires after 6 months.

Thanks for ruining my thread Ondrashek.


well I think the most Important thing is just to read alot

Oh yea… read a lot…

ahem ahem… i don’t think i read a lot…


It appears so yes :woozy_face::+1: