Nickname changing idea

I seen lots of peeps what said “I don’t like my name” so I hope Pixelworlds creators read this! Because maybe others think same.

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many forumers/discorders has made alot of these suggestions, in the end. it can affect the game negatvity and will never be added. as the game says ‘‘you can only change your name ones’’ before making an account.

But I mean you can change like, 1 time more.

This wont happen jake adressed it even

I think the new January update will come that to game…

Has Jake ever explained why it wouldn’t be added before?

This is a topic that has been discussed before, there are many threads in the forums about it, and it’s a feature that probably will never be added into the game.

Because the way in which accounts are stored would make it difficult to implement a name change feature.
Also, scammers could change their name.