Nominate Pixel Worlds Steam

Nominate Pixel Worlds for the Steam Awards if you can :)))))))

I’ll pass, Terraria it is.



Damn :confused:

Hell no (20 characters)

While the game is good, it just takes WAY too much time just to even do what you want and that alone is eh

What I mean is, you have to grind for days just to do something you want to do or wear. And that’s just the beginning. So, I might. Depends on things right now.

Well, that’s the gameplay. You surely won’t complain about a racing game forcing you to drive a car for thousands of miles to get in game money to buy new car right?

Yeah, I know and I wish it wasn’t. My point is to get to the fun things (imo) is to grind.

Cards seem really fun, dressing up is really fun, and mining is fun. But after a while you get bored and lose motivation like me.

I don’t play racing games that much, but I do get what your saying.

@RetNos Also happen :frowning: I DON’T WANT TO SPEND 5$


I have spent 5.50 usd

same here :confused:


wait wha- DIES

you- spend- 748$? in steam???

That’s just on this account XD
And that’s nothing compared to what I spent on League of Legends and Valorant :stuck_out_tongue:

About the same amount of money for me on steam.

Pixel Worlds nomination done! :+1:t3: