Nostalgia video

trash pranks reminds me 2017 growtopia


Bruhhhhh nooooooooo why did you made a video that bring me back memoriessssssssssssssssssssss
aaaaaa whyyy nostalgia hit me sooo hardddd…

(kinda remind me the origin of my name btw)

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hmm whats that ? (20 characteristicscidi)

Back when i used my old channel, i was thinking about a name… i liked retro stuff and was pretty often nostalgic.

Long short story, i came up with the name “Rétro Nostalgiaque” and later i just made a short version of it --) RetNos

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Funny, my name came cuz i liked the game “Destiny”

The game said “Destiny” was taken so i just made it “Desti” and have used that since

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