Not selling things

yeah, i sold the things i was selling

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[Not Interested, But]
Are the pets named? I think you should clarify that

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it would be super silly for anyone to name a wyvern, of course not

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If you want, you can name the prices before I offer a silly price.

How much for all the wyverns, Since there Unamed, Iā€™d like to purchase em all.

i sell fire for 1.2m, dark for 1.6m, light for 800k and no less on air/water/earth for 600k each

i can do 10k for each year 1 cake and 3k for each year 3 cake, not sure on epwr stone but i start at 4m can less

12 bytecoins for all, please.

I will give you a shoutout to my 1 subscriber which is myself on an alt account.

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