Nothin anymore lol

Wow nothing …

Sorry xD

The question is… why did you made a eye reveal? xd

Dont ask…idk

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Who wouldnt want to see my ugly eyes

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Wait i gotta delete this fast! Or i cant do eye revial later when i get something lol

You lucky, only 6 people saw this (including me and you)


eye reveal? what? where? wtf?

I request the eye

Too late he deleted it and you came after he did.

Luckily i was one of the only one who saw it >:D

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Should the eye return?

  • Yes
  • Ye
  • Y
  • Hm, I guess so
  • I would like to answer no, but there isn’t such option so I’ll go with yes

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Maybe will come back on my bday lol

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