Noticed this?

There are quite a few people on google play reviews complaining about untradable WLs.

Even though some of the reviews were made by kids, they make a good point: Making WLs restricted was a terrible move to do.



*they make a bad point: Making WLs restricted was a good move to do
And also they’re not ‘‘restricted’’ they’re just untradeable. Just move on and start trading with bytes.

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They just don’t understand how economics work i guess.

Not gonna explain you 2516th time why it was good move.

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Who the heck carries a chest of gold and platinum around.

Nono, i would prefer a lightweight card with all my money.

I also can’t be robbed

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Just because a few kids think its a bad change doesnt mean its a bad change lol

Also I feel really bad for this one, he refuses to play games if you cant trade locks in them :sob:


not only google play… but the card battle update video too… people mad and start typing like: ‘‘MAKE WLS TRADEABLE’’ lol

Reading all these reviews about people suffering brings me intense joy. :slight_smile:

That’s the reason why gt players don’t come lol ( happy about it)

Those are most likely kids who came from gt that just cannot accept change. I wish those reviews could be removed because they don’t portray what the game is actually like :roll_eyes:.

Oh yes because 9 year olds are experts on what is good and not good for the game.

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90% of the individuals who complained about World Locks becoming untradeable on reviews are probably scammers who can’t host successful drop games frequently anymore.

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Agreed. ( 20 Chars )

I mean, compared to wls and pls, less inventory space is used

Lmfaoo :laughing::laughing::laughing:
Surely true tbh





(20 characters)

Even drop games isnt in this era anymore