Now I khow why there is no many people like used to be

85% people that stay are scammers or new player and whan people get scammed whan that do?thay don’t play the game anymore because is not fun to loss 100k or 1m bc and to try to get 3000 or 2000 bc every time until you get your bc back but the thing is that 1m is not one prize or event is like a 10000 prizes I now going to quit because after I get scammed 100k and I try to get 200k I don’t play anymore Soo bye bye here from sahar1089

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It’s quite degrading to “name” all the remaining players as scammers, quite franklii, a good “lot” of us here haven’t scammed in our lives, and are just here for the long ride to the end of the game.

You’re right, it’s not fun to lose 1k, 10k, 100k, 1m, 10m, 100m, 1b, 100b.
But in the end, everyone is responsible, or, is to be responsible for their own actions in the game, therefore, you/they should be aware of their profits and loss’s regarding doing bets, suspicious trades, trading in general, or anything in general within an economicallii driven social sandbox game.

Earning bytes as you complained above, yes, it is harder now to some degree, but if you onlii play the game for earning bytes, then you’re missing the fun of the game, and whilst it might not be as fun as it used to, if you onlii focus on what you’re terrible at, then you’ll never enjoi the game for what it is at whole, or maybe was.

Social, Sandbox, Economical, PVE Game.
Be social with friends and strangers alike
Sandbox around, build, enjoy builds and pixel art
Economicallii adapt and overcome downs & high’s of an economii
PVE with your friends and strangers to defeat nether, sb, or by yourself against others in
PVP worlds which unfortunatelii aren’t too active anymore.


Me personally, I think the majority left is people mining, fishing, or trading. I wouldn’t say even 20% of these people are scammers. Also, I don’t think the newcomers make a majority either. Most players I see playing has been in the game for 2 or more years, so yeah.

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Try out events, try to brainstorm on how to profit without interracting with players, which is so called Hardcore Player, (Hardcore ( Earn items without interracting with players ). Sometimes i do that and its challening and fun for me atleast hehe

But he has a point kinda, on the first part…

Let him cook

I smell something burnt.