Obtaining locks when destroying decayed locks

Idea: when you break a decayed lock then the lock will not disappear but would return to your inventory.

Yeah I actually think this is good

Yeah but that would ruin the point of it being decayed.
Unless you mean getting a decayed lock that can’t be used as a new item

If I were to purposely set it up, then I’d just be getting the achievement for FREE! Although it does take some time, it’d just make the achievement pointless/worthless.

Take this for an example =

(yes, I purposedly set that up)

Not really free since it takes time. When you create a new account you get free gems and with the free gems you get you can buy small locks. But those small locks aren’t really free since it takes time, basically you are still working to get them.

If someone found a decayed PL then the person can get the PL? :stonks:

Yea, it is 100 wls thrown into fire after all

could be cool and profitable, but is this a suggestion?

It is an idea, but now that I think about it. It wouldn’t make sense that when you break a rotten decayed lock you get a shiny new lock back. So when you break a lock you get some other items back maybe. Maybe new ingredients for the cauldrons?

If i suggest this to discord, people would say NO! although this is profitable, maybe it can destroy the community?


or they could give lock tokens incase you forgot those were a thing. i feel like they need more of a purpose other than just existing.

Maybe decayed lock returns to your inventory and if u want repair it u need some ingredients and gems?

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We are using destroy the community/economy to much not every slight change will ruin the economy let’s face it we are not economic experts

More PL existing = expensive items drops in my words

I doubt very much that there has ever been a decayed pl bro

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There has been lots of decayed pl’s

I think they should stay off the grid as those locks are not ours.

Yeah but only 1 in every 500 times you would find a decayed lock

If you know how to search correctly you can find up to 50 locks an hour

you find 50 decayed world locks in 1 hour? teach me your ways brother