Okay I'm definitely suggesting too much lol

I think there should be background-changing orbs of the following scenes also idk if some of these are already in the game or not:

  • A flat, plains-like BG with nothing but grass. Perfect for building whole neighborhoods.

  • Two more forest BGs based on the Sour Ground and Ashen Soil blocks (Sour Ground forest resembles something out of Slenderman but is available year-round, Ashen Soil forest resembles the aftermath (ASHENmath) of a forest fire).

  • A BG that looks like an even more pixelated version of the plains BG but with just a few trees (not as much as the forest tho), for a retro look. The best use for the Pixel Trails weather globe as well as Pixel Blocks.

  • A daytime version of the city BG.

  • An underground BG.

  • A tropical/beach BG, or a BG that has a few islands on an ocean.

  • A completely underwater BG.

  • A BG similar to the desert, but with a few oases and palm trees.

  • A Matrix-y BG that’s black with green binary code (0’s and 1’s) everywhere. As an easter egg, it should actually spell something if one looks closely!

  • A BG similar to the Summer Sky, but the terrain is clouds. If you kept the foreground terrain, it would look like a floating island!

  • A BG that will finally put the non-candy food items to good use.

And some suggestions for new weather globes too cuz why not lol:

  • Confetti. For celebratory worlds.

  • Fireworks. Also for celebratory worlds.

  • The Matrix-y one except the binary code floats around like the Floating Pixels.

  • Smoke. Perfect for the Ashen Soil forest BG.

  • Black-n-white and sepia. To make it easier to tell colors apart, only the world owner can toggle the effect on and off. The effect is still there for everyone else, and can only be removed completely with the Reset weather globe.

  • Something that makes you feel like your anime transformation lasts the entire world visit, with bubbles and sparkles and pastel colors everywhere. Perfect for weebs.

  • A rainbow. Or a very light rain shower with a bit of sun poking out. Or both.