Old devs were silly

To be honest, The old devs were pretty stupid. What made them think it was a good idea to spend 4-6 months of development time on a stupid card game, Without asking the community’s opinion before they did it. They should’ve known that the updates that’ll be popular would be similar to mining, secret base and nether.

If they were big brain they would’ve studied what updates became successful in growtopia and make a twist on them. They could’ve also checked into Hypixel Skyblock since most gt players moved to that game, like hellcastle. The game has so much potential but they decided to run away when you couldn’t face the mistake they did.

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I’m sorry, I’m still veri pissed off on what Lokalapsi said. :slight_smile:

PW be like:

Oh yeah remember when the old silly team closed the old forums after making us wait MONTHS only for them to make this current one which takes a few days worth of throwing plugins together, only for them to continue neglecting this forum too and ignoring all the plugins we suggest for here. And in the process deleting all of our childhood and posts (I planned on making a huge video with the old forum data and now that chance is gone forever)

If they did they’d probably go through with it even if we voted no, just like p2p lmao

our opinions don’t matter :slight_smile: