Old World

So I just came back to playing and when I went to my old world it said it was owned by someone else. I even went to check the world thing in pixel station it said I was still the owner. Anyone have any idea what I should do?

It may have decayed (referring to the lock).

Yeah I saw it still kinda irritated that that happened

Do you mean the favourites hologram ?

This won’t change no matter who owns the world .

The other hologram will (should) only show the world(s) you own …

Favourites is Orange
Worlds is Blue

If you let a World Lock decay that’s more than a year ! Err get over it … It’s the game

It was the world hologram not the orange/favorite one and I really don’t care for this game. i just wanted to know why that happened. Which I figured once I saw people taking about world lock decay