Older accounts are slower than newer accounts?

I recently created a new account to see how fast I could get a pl, but I slowly began to notice that the gameplay on the newer account was smoother. It felt that it took a shorter amount of time to enter worlds, it lagged less etc. Am I just imagining it? I’m using a very bad phone, but it also seems like my internet connection could also be affecting it.

your wifi/your mb & mabye you have a old phone? never had lag since day 1

Yeah but I feel like going on a newer account makes it smoother

It could possibly be a “Placebo” Effect

Since you started a new account, you’re basically assuming you started the game fresh. Thus, you feel like you take shorter amount of times to enter a world.

On the other hand, older accounts tend to be “slow”. Since you’re used to the loading speed, you just seem to feel different when you used a new account, although the loading screen’s speed is actually the same…

Just my theory, and no. I’ve not been experiencing slight changes between newer and older accounts…


I do believe in your theory, that’s also what I was thinking, but I didn’t know how to call it. I think you’re right.

Well, it could actually be a bit slower on an older account (not sure if to a noticeable degree though), since that old account likely has more items, friends and other stuff to load in, which might take more time.

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