One of the new cards

Jake sent this in discord , what do you think?


ufo vs ??? damn very cool
can gimme link where jake sent this on what general or smth in discord

he sent on sponsors chat

??? where? i dont see sponsor chat can just gimme link?
if you can

i dont know how to play cards
cause i never play card before
but dis is awesum

This action card is giving me Hearthstone and Yu-Gi-Oh! vibes with a mix of uno. The update seems to be pretty fun already.

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They already showing too much too fast :slightly_frowning_face:

Sponsor-chats is a channel in Pixel Worlds’ discord; there is no link. It can only be accessed by twitch sponsors so you’d have to subscribe to Pixel Worlds’ twitch in order to get it.

If you don’t want to see spoiletrs, don’t look for them.

Just because someone isn’t looking for spoilers doesn’t mean it’s suddenly impossible for them to encounter them.

This post is literally named “one of the new cards”.

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What @Fazeus said was more of a general complaint anyway.

tomorrow will have a lot more


if you look at the number…
ithink there will be 500 cards or smth
the ufo = flying saucer OMG

Jake stated on the stream there will be 200-300 brand new items in the May update. Assuming most of them are cards, I’d say we’ll get around 275 cards or so, for now that is.

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Maybe the cards will be connected to the lore like how legends of runterra is to LoL.
Also is that an upcoming ufo mount/jet?