One thing I never understood

Why do we still not have a way of messaging someone in the game after 5 years and tons of updates?

Almost every single game has a way to search up a player or to message a player, but in Pixel Worlds, once you or the other person leaves the world, its over. And its not just about friends. If someone for example GMed they buy something I have, but when I join the world they are not there, I will most likely never find that person again. If I want to message someone about buying their world I have to dig through Discord and Forums for a chance that they’re a member of one. If I want to ask a person something, or find someone I’m looking for, my only slim chance is to GM and hope they are online and they see it.

I’m sure many of you guys experience the exact same thing. Its just baffling for me that such an important feature is not a part of this game.


I’m guessing it has a good reason behind it. I have realized that some features that should be in the game but aren’t have good reasons for it. For example, we can’t have more inventory because that would cause more devices to be non-compatible with pixel worlds. (I think) we can’t have more music because that would make the app size even bigger (I’m not actually sure if that’s the reason).


We can’t have more inventory because that would be too OP, it wouldn’t make any devices non-compatible. More music would make the app size bigger, but that isn’t a good reason not to add it. Any new content adds size, what matters is the exact amount, and if compressed, music doesn’t weigh much.


But I’m pretty sure I heard Jake say something like some devices won’t work with pixel worlds when adding more inventory. Sorry if I’m wrong.

Maybe you’re right if Jake did say that. I haven’t heard Jake say that tho.

However, I don’t see how it would make PW not work on some devices.

No, you’re right he said that in one of the recent streams.
Here’s a video made by Pixelbot with the timestamp

If they ever end up adding that I hope they also add a way to turn the messaging from everyone > friends only > off.

Weird, it shouldn’t take much memory.

Go buy a better phone than a potato lol

lol :joy::joy::joy: