Opening of Mon (Tommorow)

Im opening my wotw tommorow, @JackByrne can you help me how to send wotw attempt?

Dont miss it. goodluck

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or any tips? should i add bg??

also credits to all players who donated stuffs

No, don’t add background

I’m waiting for it to win World of the Week very quite soon! On what time will it open? I might visit it too.

i didnt know u are member of zeus, i was there since level 8 but i left after level 10

The world looks pretty interesting! I’ll give it a try later. :smile:

uh is it open already now?

but i stucked at the password
i spend total 2 hours rn

I’m terrible at parkours so I’m not even going to attempt it.

I hope you don’t mind if I just drop by and give it a rating. c:

The world 100% deserves WOTW
Maybe some parts are too hard for subjects but who cares
Also thanks for the cape


The subjects, probably.


I was too dumb to even pass the first room. Aka the entrance

i spend over 2 hours in the password room
respawn 25 times
have no idea how to finish it

ask light


Well I forgot the first password, so i came too late :c

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I spent around an hour figuring out the morse code stuff and then there was this other dude who helped me with the final puzzle