Hello I’ve been thinking of this since yesterday and i finally made a decision.

I’m passing the ownership of my account to my brother. He’s been fascinated in the game and I thought it would be nice to give the Account " “Temporarily”. And I “may” return soon. Sorry, im so busy.

I thought my brother about the forum, ig and the basics in the game and about my world of the week attempt so thanks and goodbye.

I think it would be better if he actually just created his own account and you lend him stuff.
That way when you return, he has established his own account already

Hello my name is Jc. Im new here in the Forum

This ain’t it chief ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Bruh don’t ignore me dms

you shouldve kept le account but i wont judge :+1:

It is your decision in the end. However, I would recommend keeping the account if you are still considering the possibility of returning. As it was suggested above, let him create his own account and start fresh. Having everything on silver platter usually puts mentality of work and effort meaningless on how easy it is to get stuff based on that interaction alone.

Why did she post this

Maybe because people should know an account is being used by another person…?


ow :open_mouth: rlly20chracterscaniremove

last thing, how can i be sure if you are not the original holder of the account. i am holding suspecion.

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Cuz im cute and yuna’s ugly :joy::joy:

show face :eyes:

ok joke but really?

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Im shy :joy: you know… stranger…

its justa joke tho. keep all irl stuff private.

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use many dots for no 20chars…

Also, make sure to read the rules found in #news.

Edit: Forgot to add that you’d need to be at least 13 to use the forums. (Just in case)

nye nye whatever guhfcc